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Multimedia Producer/ Photo Editor / Filmmaker


About Me

Multimedia producer with significant years of experience developing content for digital, broadcast and social media platforms in roles with large news organizations, media and marketing agencies, and independent clients. Proven success breaking news and identifying trending stories in fast-paced, 24/7 deadline-driven environments. 

Valued collaborator and exceptional communicator, adept at negotiating content fees and usage, securing permissions, building relationships with influencers, and pitching and partnering on stories that drive traffic and generate buzz.

Why Me?



WIL CRUZ, Executive Editor,

News Practices, ABC News

James brought a levity to the newsroom with a great attitude and humor, and excelled when news broke with speed, good judgment and an ability to deliver photos that complemented a complex story. 

BLAIR SHIFF, Award-winning Digital Content Creator and Manager

He's extremely skilled at collaborating on projects and knows exactly what to look for when it comes to bringing emotion into a story. If I had the opportunity to hire James tomorrow, I would! 

PAUL CONNER, Senior Editor at Fox News Media

James is a talented photo editor who seems to thrive in a fast-paced newsroom. He helped our editors and reporters track down compelling images for stories, which was crucial to our journalism. He’s also 100% positive and professional,



James Okungu



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